When Will My Life Begin?

I think every person hits a point when we wonder about the meaning of life.  We find ourselves in a routine, doing the same things over and over.  We might be doing things that are good, things we were told to do– stuff our culture defines as being right.  But there’s still this gut feeling something’s missing.

Like Rapunzel, we’re singing, “When will my life begin?”

Rapunzel: bored with her routine.

Rapunzel: bored with her routine.

She’s lived in the tower for as long as she can remember.  She doesn’t know any other way of life.  She’s been told that this is the safest place to be, and she’s always believed it.  Still, when she stares out her window, there’s a life out there that’s sparked her curiosity.  Specifically, each year on her birthday, the night sky is lit up with these lights that seem sent just for her.  What could it be?  She can’t help but wonder.  There’s a dream in her heart to discover the meaning of the lights.

Rapunzel's painting of the Lights

Rapunzel’s painting of the Lights

I love how Rapunzel’s story parallels our human desire to seek after the light of Christ.  We may not understand what the light is, but we are drawn to it.  We know in our gut it’s sent for us.  Like Rapunzel, we  have a deceiver telling us it has no real meaning, it’s just coincidence how it shines in all the right moments.  Yet, somehow, even when we’re blinded by circumstance or the enemy, we can’t shake the deep desire to find out what it means or where it comes from.  Despite a lack of understanding, we hope and we wonder.

Sadly, some never go beyond wondering.  Some will stay locked in their towers.

Rapunzel's Tower.

Rapunzel’s Tower.

What’s your tower?  Fear of failure?  Fear of what people will think of you?  Fear of letting down the people you love?  The rut of routine?  Relationships? Fear of being wrong? Responsibility?   A false sense of protection?  Too much to get done?

Like I said: some of these things aren’t bad things.  But, sometimes they still keep us from discovering the truth about the light.

Do you ever have moments it seems like God is shining his light just for you?  Has the enemy convinced you to be satisfied with the view from within your tower?

Dreaming of life outside the window.

Dreaming of life outside the window.

Are you willing to take a risk and go on a journey to discover what it’s all about?

Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. -Psalm 43:3

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