If the shoe fits: wear it.

While worshipping last Sunday, the Lord showed me a vision of a glass slipper. While I’m beyond excited for the new Disney’s Cinderella to be released, it wasn’t on my mind at all during worship, so I knew God was trying to … Continue reading

Discovering how to use a Dinglehopper.

For Disney fans, there’s no need to describe a Dinglehopper. Even upon hearing the word, you’ve instantaneously thought of Scuttle the seagull teaching Ariel about her collection of human artifacts and begun combing your hair with a pretend fork. While … Continue reading

You’ll Never Know Unless You Try.

There’s this thing called running. I don’t know why people do it.  I’m still trying to figure out why I do it.  The idea of completing a marathon is like looking at the sword in the stone: completely unattainable. I was suckered … Continue reading