God’s placed a dream in my heart to build a Castle.

‘Castle of Judah’ actually began with a friend giving me a new name from the Lord. Read this story from 2010 for the details! After four years of the Lord speaking to my identity in ways that seemed only metaphoric, He put a dream in my heart to actually build the thing. A real building. An actual castle!

The vision he’s given me is to build a beautiful, purposely designed event center that supports anti-trafficking ministries in my community. My heart is to use the space not only to raise money to help women and children get out of trafficking and other sexually exploited situations, but to host retreats and events that cater specifically to making men and women feel valued, of worth, and celebrated as beautiful sons and daughters of the King of Kings.

I believe God is doing something bigger than myself with this, and I’m humbled to be a steward of such a wonderful possibility. At this point, it’s only a dream in my heart. I can’t wait to see what God does over the next 10-20 years as this Castle manifests from a name into a cornerstone in the community.

If you’d like to be updated about the latest development in the Castle of Judah, sign up for email updates here! I’ll be sending supporter updates about twice a month. I’d be honored for you to be on my prayer team.

While this is a summary of “what” Castle of Judah is about, there’s another key to it’s purpose: worship. I know God brings spiritual breakthrough when we worship Him. I’ve experienced it. From times I didn’t know I needed delivered and healed, to times when I knew I needed it desperately. Castle of Judah exists to be a place of worship to the King of Kings, a place of intercessory worship. A place that claims victory in Jesus; a place that prays “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.”

About Nicole

I’m just a girl, chosen and loved by a King!  I’m chasing after all the life God has to offer and attempting to follow where He leads.  I have found whether on the mountain top or in the valley, I can’t imagine life without Him.

I love people!  I hope to love on YOU through this blog.  Whether I post about my latest heart-to-heart with God, a crafting experiment, or a crazy adventure; I pray it brings love, joy, spirit and truth into your life!

Why “Disney Delights?” Read this.

Fun Facts:

  • My bucket list still has things like visiting every MLB Park (I have 12 more clubs to go), riding in a hot air balloon, hiking the great wall of china, and running a full marathon.
  • I’m a die-hard Oakland A’s fan!  I love all things baseball/softball.
  • I’m the project manager for the marketing department at Adventures in Missions.
  • I traveled around the world for a year in 2009-2010: Check out my world race blog!
  • I sang in a gospel group for three years.
  • I have degrees in vocal performance, biology, and business management.  Ya, I know.  It’s a weird combination.  Sometimes I dreamed of  putting them all together and becoming the famous “Singing Scientist” with a hit show on PBS.  Scoot over Bill Nye.
  • I have amazing parents, Tim and Cindy. They are truly a gift from Jesus and have given me a great perspective on what it means to be a child of God.
  • I have the coolest, craziest younger brother, Derek; married to my lovely sister-in-law Chelsea. They have the most handsome little 3-year-old prince Logan and 1-year-old prince Wyatt!
  • I love planning parties.  I don’t usually have big budgets for them; but I enjoy finding creative ways to make a big deal out of the people I love!

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