Disney Delights

I have no shame in telling the world… I’m a Disney Princess.  It’s true.  I was the kid who had most of the classics memorized, wanted to be Mary Poppins something fierce, and still enjoy reenacting the famous “Part of your World” on any large rock I come upon.  An open field, you say?  Yes, I’m the girl who frolics through it singing “I want much more than this provincial life!!”


As I sold off most of my movies when I moved across the country in 2012, I realized I just couldn’t sell my Disney Collection.  After little thought, I knew why.  The Lord had spoken to me countless times through those classic tales.  It would have been comparable to the thought of selling off my favorite devotionals.  That’s just ridiculous.

I love how the Lord speaks in ways we understand, and He knows I know Disney!

A lady I didn’t know prophesied I would write a book someday.  Maybe a child’s book, or just something child-like.  Something that would make the complicated things of God really simple.

At the time, writing a book was the furthest thing from my mind.  I enjoy writing a blog post occasionally, but a book?  Whatever.

A few years later, after watching Tangled for the fifth or sixth time and my Spirit coming alive with delight like I was a five-year-old, I mumbled the words “I should totally write a Disney devotional; it would be epic!”  I kind of giggled about it and then had one of those Holy Spirit flashback moments to the prophesy I  had forgotten about.  I thought, “Good gracious, Batman… this might just be what she was talking about.”

Thus; welcome to the beginning of Disney Delights: God moments through Disney.

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