What’s behind the name “Castle of Judah?”

There’s something mysterious and majestic about castles. Have you ever visited one? I’ve been to nine. Three in Ireland, two in Romania, two in France, one in England and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland. Hey, it counts!  Each glorious structure has its own character and feel: the layout of the rooms and chambers, staircases and towers, gardens and stables, woodwork and stained glass windows… the list is endless!

In case you couldn’t tell, I love castles.

So, let me tell you the story of my name.  Back in 2010, I was in the middle of the World Race and had a wonderful teammate named Sage.  She has a beautiful relationship with the Lord, and is very in tune with The Holy Spirit.  She once told me when she prays for people, sometimes God will share with her a name that He calls them!   I’d known of a few names the Lord had shared through her for other people.  Mystic Treasure, Cape of Bloom, Bride of the Vine Dresser.  How cool are those?  What a unique and creative God we serve.  I’m not gonna lie, I was hoping my day would come. 🙂  Eventually the day came and Sage shared with me the name “Castle of Judah.”

I love that Jesus kept bringing me back to “Castle of Judah” as the title of my new blog.  It makes sense.  Everything else I wanted to call it was too limiting.  I want to share with you everything from the songs God puts in my heart down to my latest pinterest experiment!  What would YOU call it?!?

Castle of Judah is what He calls me, and it says more than I could dream!

Here’s a taste of the things I’m learning about who God created me to be:


Castle” – a large fortified building, a massive house, a retreat safe against intrusion or invasion.

Judah” – Praise. The tribe of Judah would enter first into battle, praising the Lord.

– I am the King’s Dwelling Place!

– I am protected with fortified walls.  I trust in His strength and provision. I have a deeply rooted heritage, based on a firm foundation of truth. Because of this, I can stand on the castle walls and sing His praises!  I can stand watch.  I can stand on the castle walls and dance with all my might!  I fight best on the castle walls.  There are still SO many chambers and passageways and gardens to explore. These are places the Holy Spirit wants to take me! There are so many new places to dream and play and create!

– I am Royalty. As a princess, I enjoy the benefits and freedom of being the daughter of the King. As a queen, I understand the responsibilities of the Kingdom, of being the bride of Christ, of serving and sacrifice and dying to my own desires for the glory of my King and His Kingdom’s Purpose.

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