Send me to Brazil!

Stirring for Brazil

Back in January, I was praying about leading a summer missions trip with Adventures. I happen to enjoy office life here most of the time, but it’s easy to get disconnected from the reason we’re in the office, working our tails off to help launch people into their journeys all over the world. 

As I looked over the locations listed for potential leadership opportunities, Brazil caught in my heart. It wasn’t a “thus Sayeth the Lord” moment, just a stirring in my spirit that I couldn’t quite put a finger on in the moment. I glanced at several other locations, but I kept coming back to Brazil.

I read the trip description because it seemed like the thing I should do. If you knew my work situation, this would be pretty humorous. My department (marketing) writes the trip descriptions for these trips based on the logistics information we’re given. I know the back-end that goes into it; I coordinate it all happening. 

Send me to Brazil!Still, I found myself in the position of our normal customer. The funny part was it didn’t even matter what was written. What mattered was that the Spirit moved over it. That alone made me remember why I do what I do. I want to be involved where Jesus is moving. I’m glad I work at a place open to the movement of the Spirit of God, and apparently: God is moving my heart for Brazil.

Gift of Intercession

God’s recently challenged me to explore some of the spiritual gifts he’s given me in deeper ways. One of those gifts is intercession. I have had some heavy moments of intercession, but not until lately has God walked me into seasons of intercession. There are so many ways to intercede for people and places, and I feel like Brazil is going to be a whole new realm of learning about it. After realizing I probably won’t be able to lead this trip, I decided I just needed to go as a participant. 

I lead in most areas of my life right now, and I feel God is releasing me to go and be available to minister as He leads.

With the World Cup happening this summer, and the Olympics coming up, it’s probably the most expensive time in history to fly to Brazil for a week.

The reason it’s so expensive is also a big reason I feel like I’m supposed to be there. I think it’s fairly accurate to say that large, international sporting events like these are known for high human/sex trafficking, an injustice that breaks my heart to the core.  While we’ll be partnering with a local ministry, I know that a part of me needs to go just to intercede.

This is maybe the craziest thing I’ve ever fundraised for, but I seriously want to go to Brazil for a week to pray. I know we’ll have a lot of practical things to do. We will minister on the streets, feeding the homeless and sharing the gospel. But, I’m going to be bold enough to tell you that even if I was just flying there to pray, it would be reason enough to ask you to help me go. 

I believe in it that much.

The Happy IntercessorThe Happy Intercessor

Just when I was about to give up on trying to go on this trip for financial reasons, I began reading “The Happy Intercessor” by Beni Johnson. There’s a story she tells of when God began stirring her heart for Alaska. She began to simply pray over Alaska as God prompted her when she found out another friend was stirred to pray for Alaska, too. The more they sought God on why it was on their heart, the more He revealed the need to go and pray there. So: they did! They booked a flight to Alaska just to spend a week praying.

Several political/economical breakthroughs happened within the next few months! They know God was moving in ways beyond they could imagine, and that their willingness to go and pray meant drastic advances for the Kingdom of God.

Her testimony gives me hope.

It feels kind of crazy to pay for a $1500 plane ticket to go and pray over a city. I’ll admit I’ve struggled with God and myself over it.

But, there’s something about the physical act of obedience to GO.

I don’t want to live restricted by worldly means. I want to be a part of what God is doing, however crazy it might seem. I’m now convinced it is well within normal to be called to go and intercede. It’s the most powerful thing we can do, if that’s what the Spirit is asking of us. 

Join my Support Team

So, I’m asking for your help. I’ve been avoiding writing this letter for a while, because it’s just hard to ask for money. Most of you reading this have supported me financially, prayerfully, and spiritually for years. I’m weary of asking too much. However, I’ve finally reached a point that I know I can’t do this alone, and I’m not supposed to. I want to trust God in the process of asking for support and inviting you into the story He is asking me to join in Brazil.

Since I’m not trip leading, I still have to pay for:

My flight ($1,300-$1,500)

Brazil Visa ($150)

Passport renewal ($140)

My goal is to raise $2,000 to offset any other little expenses, like getting to the airport, food, and hopefully an extra day in Rio before/after the “actual” trip, that are not in my normal budget. The trip itself (around $670 for staff) is already covered through previous donations I’ve accumulated. Thank you to all those who have given to my support account over the past year!

Cash/Checks made Payable to: Herald GB Church; memo: Nicole-Brazil

mail to: Herald GB Church, 2120 Prescott Road, Modesto, CA 95350

Herald GB Church, my home church in California who has continually been a wonderful support base for me as I’ve worked for Adventures, has graciously accepted to help me fundraise to give my supporters the donation benefits of giving to a non-profit organization. 

Thank you to all who decide to join me in this journey to Brazil!

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3 thoughts on “Send me to Brazil!

  1. I know that this was your support letter, and Praise God that you’re fully funded, and I know that you’re here in Brazil right now doing magnificent work. I just wanted to say that I really resonated with all of what you said in this post–about God stirring your heart to go to Brazil just as God stirred the hearts of those women to go to Alaska. That’s actually how I’ve ended up here in Brazil as well. God stirred my heart and paved the way for me to spend a semester here and He’s since been growing my spiritual gifts in crazy ways. Even so, it’s been difficult and discouraging.

    I’m glad I stumbled unto your blog and unto this post. I feel less crazy for following the visions I received and I feel more hopeful that God will come through in clear ways. Just, thank you, for sharing your journey. It is a testimony, and my faith is renewed.

    “I don’t want to live restricted by worldly means. I want to be a part of what God is doing, however crazy it might seem.” Amen to that!

    • Thanks Steph! I’m excited for all God has for you in Brazil, too! I hope you’ll continue to be encouraged, that the Truth of God would come alive in you in new and exciting ways. I know when God pulls you through a season of abandonment and brokenness, He does an awesome work on the inside of you. He uses trials as a season of growth. Keep seeking His face!

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