What God reminded me during my afternoon at Training Camp

I had the pleasure of co-leading the “worship” breakout session at World Race Training Camp this May.

As the Adventures Marketing team was brainstorming our portion of May Training Camp, one of the things I set out to do was find two world racers from this training camp that I wanted to pray over and follow throughout their race.  My particular staff position doesn’t get me out of the office much.  From day one, I felt called to serve Adventures Staff, so I’m okay with it.  Most of the time, I’m satisfied with sipping my coffee from my little desk, managing projects, and high-fiving my team when we create amazing products.  I love the opportunities I have to love on my people, pray over them, and worship together as a family.  Still, it’s easy to disconnect from the people on the field.

It was weird jumping in on the second-to-last day of training camp, knowing the insane amount of brokenness, healing, and transformation these amazing young adults had just walked through in the past six days.   It was weird because they just experienced the Holy Spirit rocking their worlds during worship, but I wasn’t there to experience it with them.

Photo Credit: adventures staff; updates.theworldrace.org

Photo Credit: adventures staff; updates.theworldrace.org

Then, ‘this girl on staff’ shows up for an afternoon to “talk” to them about practicalities of worship leading on the race.

I felt so far removed from everything.

Sure, I had made this same journey four years ago.  I still vividly remember some of my experiences from my World Race Training Camp, as well as my eleven months overseas.  I spoke from experience, from mistakes I’d made, and from what God is currently showing me.  But it still felt weird because I hadn’t been along for any of their journey.

We led two sessions, prayed over these crazy world changers, and that was that.  It was good, and the Spirit was present.  But I still felt disconnected.   I had a few good chats after the breakout sessions, but hadn’t deeply connected with any of the racers.  It was kind of a downer.

Afterwards, I found myself manning the Merchandise table, quite bored and ready to leave.  Then, this lovely girl, Kara, came up to me and we started chatting.  Well, she was actually waiting in line for the bathroom, but whatever.  She was at the first worship session, and we started talking about her heart for worship and what God was showing her and revealing in her.  I smiled to myself as we talked, because I knew she was one of the girls God wanted me to follow and pray for this year.

My secret place in Nicaragua

My favorite secret place in Nicaragua

The one thing God reminded me of throughout my day at training camp was how the intimate moments we have with God are the most precious we can have as worshippers.  As Kara and I talked, I remember Jesus smiling on her and I could just tell that she was full of songs.  Songs for the body of Christ, and some that will be sung to only Him.   Mostly, I remember Jesus smiling at the thought of the songs just for His heart.

I maybe went to “teach” a little about the practical side of worship leading, but my favorite thing in the world is to have Jesus ask me to release a spirit of worship over someone, and watch Him let it loose.  I can’t wait to see the Lord will do in her this year!

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